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Why are many of Edwin and Lillian Harvey’s books considered unique by many who read them? I think their uniqueness lies largely in the fact that many of these books are compilations.In one fairly small volume, you can read what some of the most godly men and women have had to say on subjects such as prayer, the importance of God’s Word, the power of the Spirit, the unity of Christ’s body and many others. These quotations lead the reader to the book from which they are quoted and many have said that, in this way, they have been introduced into a new world of biography where saints of the past become friends and mentors who encourage the reader to press forward in the Christian life, regardless of the odds against them.

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Foreign Translations

Manly of Edwin and Lillian Harvey’s books have been translated into Romanian, Russian, and now Spanish. Over the years,several have also been translated into French, Polish and the Czech language. In visiting both Russia and Romania, I observed that often much was “lost in translation.” The manuscripts were checked and rechecked but rarely by someone whose native language was English. As many of our books contained quotations from writers of past centuries, I realized that if I were to check the translations of our books before publication, I might help preserve the original meaning. This meant, of course, knowing the foreign language reasonably well.

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Asking Father, Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Asking Father
We all lose things, especially as we get older. Children, too, not only lose things but are often inconsolable when they do. And then, to be accused of stealing the lost item, that is misery upon misery! In “Asking Father,” written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, there is a story of just such a situation and how, through the prayer of faith uttered by a little girl the whole situation was turned around.
“Asking Father” is full of practical examples of how prayer changed things. Written for children, these stories inspire hope and trust in a God Who knows every detail of our lives. We live in a day when our faith needs renewal. Many Sunday School teachers as well as parents, have used this book to teach lessons in prayer. It is published by Harvey Christian Publishers and is available in their Online Christian Bookstore.

Isn’t “No” an answer?, Asking Father

We all want quick answers to our prayers but I think most of us realize pretty early on in our Christian walk that God works to a different “time-clock” than we do. For me, at least, it is much harder to accept the fact that sometimes His answers actually seem to spell “No” to our requests and that is a bitter pill to swallow.
In “Asking Father” written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, there is a story entitled Isn’t “No” an answer? This tells of how Amy Carmichael, the now famous missionary and writer, asked God when a child to have her brown eyes replaced by blue. To her dismay, she awoke the next morning to find that her Father had not answered her prayer. She was to be stuck with brown eyes for the rest of her life. However, she also discovered that, had God answered her request, she would not have been able to rescue the temple children for blue eyes would have given her away immediately.
Read more about Amy in “Asking Father,” published by Harvey Christian Publishers and available in their Online Christian Bookstore.

The Velvet Curtain by Trudy Harvey Tait

Are the characters in your novel, “The Velvet Curtain” people you have actually known? This is a question I get asked fairly frequently and I suppose,like many writers, I would have to answer “Yes” and “No.” The two sisters, Esther and Gabby were originally based on two Romanian girls I had come to know pretty well, but as “The Velvet Curtain” progressed, Esther became less and less like the original girl I had in mind. Gabby, on the other hand, stayed pretty true to form although she did a great many things that the real “Gabby” (that was not her name, of course) never did. But in character, the fictional and the real greatly resembled one another.

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The Call Back Series by Edwin and Lillian Harvey

I can remember when my parents, Edwin and Lillian Harvey, first began “The Call Back Series.” It was at a time when the “Health and Wealth Gospel” was dominating the religious printed press and the media. Everywhere you turned, it seemed you confronted some aspect of this “Gospel.” And not only that. It was not infrequent to come across Christians whose lives had been devastated by this prosperity cult. Why had they not been healed they asked themselves? Why had they been allowed to suffer loneliness and frustration or encountered opposition as they followed the Christ of the Gospels?

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The Call Back Series

“The Call Back Series” by Edwin and Lillian Harvey and published by Harvey Christian Publishers, has brought blessing to many Christians, who are struggling with an illness, or handicap, or going through some period of depression or loneliness, or perhaps feeling misunderstood by their closest friends. It is not popular, however, with those who feel that a follower of Christ should claim exemption from many of these trials.
There are eight books in this series, covering manly aspects of suffering. Edwin and Lillian researched Christian biography for years and discovered gems from past saints who have left us records of their triumphal albeit often painful journey through pain and suffering to their eternal rest.
This series is now available on Harvey Christian Publishers’ Online Christian Bookstore.

The Call Back Series —Clara Simpson

Clara Simpson
Very happily married, the poet Clara Simpson was devastated when her husband had an accident which, after much suffering, finally resulted in his death. Her story, recounted in Loneliness, the second book in the “Call Back Series,” and written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, tells of her anguish and how she eventually found relief. She writes:
“Oh, has He planned it right when darkness falls,
And all one’s world which once looked fair and bright
Had faded out of sight and sorrow reigns?
He’s planned it right.” (Loneliness, page 68)

Loneliness is published by Harvey Christian Publishers and available in their Online Christian Bookstore.

The Call Back Series—Loneliness

Edith Hickman Divall

The glorious triumph and the song—
The gifts of God to me belong.
The place of honor is my right—
Partaker with the saints in light.
Who would not die for such a life?
Who would not dare the present strife,
For such a victory as this—
For such an end of crowning bliss?

They told me only of the cross
Of shame and sorrow, pain and loss.
They told me —and my eyes were dim—
That I must give up all for Him.

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The Call Back Series—Loneliness

Florence Allshorn was an Anglican missionary to Uganda. Orphaned at age three, she was brought up in Sheffield England by her mother’s governess. As an orphan, Florence must have experienced much loneliness throughout her life. In Loneliness, the second book in the “Call Back Series,” the authors, Edwin and Lillian Harvey, tell her story. It seems that, on the mission-field and surrounded by fellow-missionaries, Florence found herself under a senior missionary who proved extremely difficult to live with and caused her to feel isolated and very alone.

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