Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill wrote to Edwin & Lillian Harvey while they still resided in Britain back in the 1970′s asking if he could be a representative for the two volumes of “Kneeling We Triumph” here in the US. Most of the time from then on he kept a quantity of price lists on hand to give or send to people and would highlight the books he especially wanted to emphasize. “Kneeling We Triumph” would invariably be among the highlighted titles. It was interesting for me when receiving an order to be quite sure it was a price list that originated from Mr. Ravenhill because there would be ten or so highlighted but not all ordered.
God has from time to time moved some of His servants to tell others of our books. That kind of advertizing is a reinforcement to us of the calling He has placed upon us. May the Lord find us always available to give, “Meat in due season.”

Edwin & Lillian Harvey compilations

Harvey Christian Publishers’ Books
Why are many of Edwin and Lillian Harvey’s books considered unique by many who read them? I think their uniqueness lies largely in the fact that many of these books are compilations.In one fairly small volume, you can read what some of the most godly men and women have had to say on subjects such as prayer, the importance of God’s Word, the power of the Spirit, the unity of Christ’s body and many others. These quotations lead the reader to the book from which they are quoted and many have said that, in this way, they have been introduced into a new world of biography where saints of the past become friends and mentors who encourage the reader to press forward in the Christian life, regardless of the odds against them.

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Mother of the Salvation Army—Call Back Series, Illness

Many of the books published by Harvey Christian Publishers are compilations; others are reprints; still others are the original writings of Edwin and Lillian Harvey. These books introduce us to many of God’s saints, some well known, some lesser known. I thought it would be helpful to scan these books and see how many women were mentioned and just who they were and what their role was in the Kingdom of God. So I picked up the book Illness, Volume One in the eight-volume “Call Back Series.”

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