Lillias Trotter / Frederic Lucian Hosner / Alan Redpath

Royal Insignia—Blog. no.4.

Royal Insignia, compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, has been a blessing to pastors and Christian workers in various parts the world. It stresses the need for humility. It contains exhortations and testimonies from men and women down through the centuries who have proved the blessings and the necessity of a humble walk before God. Here are quotations from several of these saints:

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Fénelon / Patricia St. John

Royal Insignia—Blog No. 2
Royal Insignia by E. & L. Harvey focuses on the theme of humility Here is what several saints of the past had to say on this subject:

Archbishop Fénelon: “He who is conscious,” he said, “that he is lowering himself has not yet reached his true place, which is below all lowering. Such as these are very proud in their humility, which, indeed, is often but a subtle spirit of vain glory. And this is not the humility which will enter into Heaven, unless it acquires pure charity, which alone is worthy of God, and which He delights to fill with Himself.

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Thomas Kelly / Martin Luther

Royal Insignia—Blog No. 3
Royal Insignia by E. & L. Harvey, in its very title, focuses on the role of humility in the Christian’s life. It is indeed, as many past saints have witnessed, both by their lifestyle as well as by word and pen, the badge of every true follower of the lowly Jesus. Here are several quotations from this book, revealing what past saints have had to say on the subject:

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Books by authors other than Harvey published by Harvey Christian Publishers.

Harvey Christian Publishers derives its name from the authors of at least thirty of the books which they publish: Edwin and/or Lillian Harvey. However, it has always been their aim to make available to the reading public, the lives and writings of Christians of the past, whose devotion still inspire and provoke us to follow more closely the Master we profess to serve. And so, in addition to the compilations and biographies compiled and written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, they have also reprinted books by other authors whose lives and writings urge the reader to get to know our Lord more intimately.

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Royal Insignia, Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Royal Insignia by E. & L. Harvey focuses on the theme of humility which is in effect, the insignia or badge of every true follower of Christ. This book is a compilation of testimonies and exhortations from past saints who discovered that the way down is always the way up. Here is what John Milton had to say in the first reading:

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George Herbert and Marguerite Estaver

“Since then, these three wait on Thy throne,
Ease, Power, and Love, I value prayer so,
That were I to leave but one,
Wealth, fame, endowments, virtues,–all should go;
I and dear prayer would together dwell,
And quickly gain, for each inch lost, an hell.”
–George Herbert. How They Prayed Vol. 2, p. 104.

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How They Prayed Vol. 2—G. D. Watson

“ I am convinced that we have far too shallow views of that command to pray for our enemies. It means vastly more than to say, ‘God bless our foes.’ It means that we are to take them on our heart in good earnest, and intercede for them, particularly, lovingly, perseveringly—pray for them till out of a loving heart we can unite their highest welfare with our own.. . .

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The pressure and stress of our age

If you find this busy age crowding out time for prayer you are not alone. The saintliest believers today are having a struggle. It seems the enemy is doing his utmost to distract God’s children from what is their greatest weapon against him. Battles are won or lost before the fight begins. There are so many factors that make for victory. David had the victory well before he ever heard of Goliath. We do well to associate with victors if we are to gain the victory ourselves. Try reading “How They Prayed” or “They Knew Their God” for encouragement.

How They Prayed Series—Volume 3

Not in the tumult of the rending storm,
Not in the earthquake or devouring flame,
But in the hush that could all fear transform,
The still, small whisper to the Prophet came.

O Soul, keep silence on the mount of God
Though cares and needs thro round thee like a sea;
From supplications and desires unshod,
Be still, and hear what God shall say to thee.

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