As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese: They Knew Their God Vol. 5

As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese: They Knew Their God Vol. 5

Continuing our study into the variety of characters cited in the series, They Knew Their God, here is Volume 5, noting, as with Volume One, the nationality, denomination, vocation, and the century in which they were born as relating to each character.


Volume 5:12 characters described in 12 sketches.  

Nationality: 1 Welsh, 1 Spanish,  6  English, 1 Scots, 1 Canadian,  1 Swiss, 1 French,

Century: 1 from 16th century; 2 from 17th, 3 from 18th century; 6 from 19th century.

Denomination:  1 RC, 4 Anglican, 1 Lutheran, 1 CIM (China Inland Mission), 3 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, 1 Salvation Army.

Vocation—original and final.  

Nobleman/public orator—Anglican vicar/poet

Nobleman/R.C. priest

Tutor/chaplain/Anglican curate/author

Tutor—Anglican vicar/author



Bank clerk—missionary


Missionary pioneer


Salvation Army officer/soul-winner



Sex: 3 women, 9 men.








Books by authors other than Harvey published by Harvey Christian Publishers.

Harvey Christian Publishers derives its name from the authors of at least thirty of the books which they publish: Edwin and/or Lillian Harvey. However, it has always been their aim to make available to the reading public, the lives and writings of Christians of the past, whose devotion still inspire and provoke us to follow more closely the Master we profess to serve. And so, in addition to the compilations and biographies compiled and written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, they have also reprinted books by other authors whose lives and writings urge the reader to get to know our Lord more intimately.

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The Christian’s Daily Challenge

There are many daily reading books out there on the market right now. The Christian’s Daily Challenge by E. F. and L. Harvey is one of them. The authors, however, felt the need when this book was compiled, to produce a daily devotional that would prove a real challenge to readers to strive after a deeper devotional life with Christ.

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