The Harvey Files, MOVE, Message of Victory

Many of us have some sort of filing cabinet in our possession. We may be in the habit of filing away past letters especially if we run a home business. We file away past tax forms, legal documents, drawings and letters of our children when young—the list could go on and on. For a few of us, however, filing is more than a pastime—it is a business, you could almost say, an obsession. This was true of my mother, Lillian Harvey, who, over the years, built up a room full of filing cabinets in which were stored thousands of clippings, articles, and sermons from a wide variety of books and magazines. Years ago, when spending most of the winter in bed on account of severe bronchitis attacks, mother read avidly and began to set aside passages which would touch her heart. These she eventually would file away under topics, or by Scriptural passages, or under biographical headings.

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Missing the Way, Patricia St. John, Missionary to Morocco

Patricia St. John, author and former missionary to Morocco, is well known for her children’s books. Treasures of the Snow, Tanglewoods’ Secrets, Star of Light, to mention just a few, have been read and treasured in many Christian homes both in Great Britain and here in the USA. Patricia also wrote biographies and various other helpful devotional books.

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Let My People Go, Edwin F. Harvey

Edwin F. Harvey, co-author of many of the books published by Harvey Christian Publishers, passed away December, 1983. After his death, his wife, Lillian, began collecting many of his editorials and articles as he was editor for many years of the periodical, The Message of Victory, published in Great Britain where Edwin resided for many years. This collection is called Let My People Go, which was the title of a series of articles which focus on the need of God’s people being liberated from many things which bind them and hinder their spiritual development. This book contains additional articles entitled: “Battle for the New Birth”; “The Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone”; “Godlessness and an Indifferent Church”; Mighty Works—Ours or Christ’s?”; Intercessors needed; “Signs and Wonders—True and False”; “Public Enemy Number One”; “Waiters Wanted”; “Satan’s Counterfeit plot”; “Membership in Christ Demands Holy Living”; “The Storm in Your Heart”; “Life by Crisis—Godliness by Process”; “Discriminate or Die.” Let me Go is available in Harvey Christian Publishers’ Online Bookstore.
—-Trudy Tait

The compilations, Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Compilations can be intriguing; compilations can be boring; compilations can be most helpful; compilations can be rather confusing; compilations can be off-putting; compilations can be awesome. It all depends on who did the compiling and what material was available.
The compilations published by Harvey Christian Publishers and available in their Online Christian Bookstore were put together by Edwin and Lillian Harvey. Years ago when living in the north of England, Lillian suffered severe bronchitis every winter which confined her to bed for days if not weeks at a time.

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Books on Prayer, Kneeling We Triumph

We of Harvey Christian Publishers are proud to present seven books dedicated to the subject of prayer. We are aware that there are many books on this subject currently available on today’s market, but ours are unique in that they contain many voices from different time periods, cultures, and denominational backgrounds, all harmonizing to present the same message: prayer is essential to the believer; prayer links us to our Creator and Sustainer and is our veritable lifeline at all times, in all places, and under every circumstance.

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