North Carolina Flooding

Thanks to Hurricane Florence, flooding is on most of our minds just now. Evidently, however, flooding in North Carolina has been happening for a very long time. In the children’s book, Asking Fatherwe read of how God used a flood to answer prayer!  Many years ago, a group of believers wanted to build a church in downtown Swan Quarter, NC.  but the owner of the  building lot refused to sell it to them because he knew a business would be willing to pay more money.  The believers reluctantly built their wooden, whiteboard Church on the edge of town. During a flash flood, however, this little building was lifted from its foundations. It floated downtown, landing on the disputed building site. The owner acknowledged the hand of God in this situation and let the church remain.  Asking Father contains other encouraging stories of answered prayer, written especially for children.

Kneeling We Triumph Volume One: Be Still and Know…..

“The world is enough to busy us, not to fill us,” says Thomas Watson. If this is true, then why are we Christians often so busy and so empty? Why do we prefer the hubbub of activity to silence? Or to put it more forcibly: why are we so fearful of silence? Are we afraid of God’s voice which we can sometimes only hear when other voices are hushed? Or are we unwilling to confront our own thoughts which take control when we are quiet? Or do we wish to drown out our accusing conscience which takes advantage of the quiet? Whatever the reasons, over-busyness often prevents us communing with the Almighty, and is therefore an enemy to the healing power that silent meditation and prayer inevitably works in our hectic lives.

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How They Prayed, Vol. Three: Be still, and hear what God shall say.

The book by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, entitled How They Prayed Volume 3, quotes from the diaries, letters, and sermons of pastors and missionaries who have come to acknowledge the part prayer must play in revivals, widespread and local. “To arouse one man or woman to the tremendous power of prayer for others,” says A. J. Gordon, “is worth more than the combined activity of a score of average Christians. What David Brainerd did, others may do. God is no respecter of persons.”

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How They Prayed, Vol. Two: “Oh, for five hundred Elijahs!”

“Oh, for five hundred Elijahs,” exclaimed Charles Spurgeon, “each one upon his Carmel, crying unto God, and we should soon have the clouds bursting into showers! Oh, for more prayer, more constant, incessant prayer! Then the blessing would rain upon us.”
These words of Spurgeon’s are quoted on page sixty-one of the book, How They Prayed Vol. Two, written and compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey.

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Apart! Apart! Every minister―of all men―apart!

How They Prayed Vol. 2, written and compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, is written to show how ministers of God’s word have discovered prayer to be the foundation of a work which endures and bears lasting fruit. “Get your sermon preparation well done before the Sabbath,” urges Samuel Chadwick. “Turn into bed in good time on Saturday night, and out of it early on Sunday morning. Get three hours with God before you go to the pulpit; get at Him by reading, believing, and praying over His Book. Talk with Him till He talks with you and says, “Go in this thy strength.”
S. Chadwick, p. 34

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The compilations, Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Compilations can be intriguing; compilations can be boring; compilations can be most helpful; compilations can be rather confusing; compilations can be off-putting; compilations can be awesome. It all depends on who did the compiling and what material was available.
The compilations published by Harvey Christian Publishers and available in their Online Christian Bookstore were put together by Edwin and Lillian Harvey. Years ago when living in the north of England, Lillian suffered severe bronchitis every winter which confined her to bed for days if not weeks at a time.

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