June 22

Moving God and men

“Ye also helping together by prayer for us” (2 Cor. 1:11).
“That which thou hast prayed to me . . . I have heard” (2 Kings 19:20).

Day by day you need communion with God if you are to resist the influences of the difficult days we are in, and of the world round about you. You must have day-by-day communion with God, and day by day a time of much prayer. When crossing the Atlantic, I went into the Marconi room, where wireless messages are sent and received. The operator is a man who can talk to someone hundreds of miles away. He is a most important man to the whole ship. He could talk to others miles away and bring help, if necessary. He could state where the ship was, and call for help in time of danger. The man who prays is the most important man in the kingdom and Church of God. He is a wireless operator, day by day dealing with the unseen, sending out messages, and at times an S O S message, that shall bring help and salvation perhaps to a whole townful of people.
—Barclay Buxton.

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