Soul Sculpture

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  • Author: Harvey, Edwin F., Harvey, Lillian G.
  • ISBN: 978-1-932774-
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 136

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This book, written and compiled by Edwin F. and Lillian G. Harvey, is a “must” for parents and would-be parents, for it reminds them of the tremendous potentiality of a soul entrusted to their care, and the responsibility of helping to shape it for eternity. This book is packed with challenging quotations in poetry and prose, and recommended by pastors and Christian workers as material for lectures and programs.


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4 reviews for Soul Sculpture

  1. Robert Tait

    Bridget Thibodeaux Williams wrote,

    “One of the best books I ever read as a young mother! The tears and unutterable longings I shed while reading that book are to numerous to count. It was life changing for me. I highly recommend it for all parents, but especially mothers.”

  2. Bill & Karla Dupignac

    It is a great responsibility the bringing up of our children. This book is wonderful because it focus on the spiritual life of our kids that we as parents should be more interested.

  3. Jennifer Pipes

    Thank you so much for this book. I received a copy 23 years ago when my children were babies and loved every inch of this book. Of course, I highlighted, underlined and wore the book out, which I still have to this day. Now that my 22 year old daughter has her own blessing, my grandson, I only felt certain she should have a fresh new copy to enjoy. I just know she will love it as much as myself. I first went on Amazon and found it very pricey so I figured I would check the publisher and there you were.

    Thank you so very much for putting together such a special, beautiful book that touched my soul.

  4. Kate Lahey

    This book has been such an encouragement to me and has aided so much in providing deep insight into the heart and vision of child-training. So often I have been overwhelmed and have sought out my Bible for personal soul-training, which has yielded its reward in learning how our Lord teaches and trains us; however, this has been another one of my go-to books, and I am so thankful for the vision presented in this book that draws my eyes and heart to a higher plane. This book is very readable for busy mothers (or those who are not parents themselves, yet have little hearts entrusted to them) being written in short, thought-provoking sections. The examples, poems, excerpts, and Scriptures in this book have rekindled my vision and encouraged me to press on again and again; I highly recommend it to every person who works with or raises little souls. This is a favourite gift for our family to give to mothers of young children. What a blessing!

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