Eric, or Little by Little


  • Author: Farrar, F.W.
  • ISBN: 1-932774-46-7
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 240

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Read this book together as a family and you will soon forget it’s rather antiquated language and become deeply moved by the story. Eric, the son of missionaries, is sent to an English boarding school where, little by little, he succumbs to the evil around him and finds himself caught up in a web from which it was hard to escape. His eventual repentance, while sincere, comes too late to save him from reaping the consequence of his actions.

The author, F. W. Farrar, shows graphically how the descent into sin is most often like a slow leak rather than a sudden blowout. He received many letters telling him how his book helped turn many prodigals homeward, and encouraged young people to resist the pressures around them and to follow the voice of conscience before it was too late.  Suitable for young people ten and upwards.

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