Christian’s Daily Challenge, The

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  • Author: Harvey, Edwin F., Harvey, Lillian G.
  • ISBN: 1-932774-01-7
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 397

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  • This book, written and compiled by Edwin F. and Lillian G. Harvey, is a challenge to this busy, materialistic age to make time for God through prayer, meditation, and deep study of His Word. Two hundred different authors deal with the subjects of prayer, the Scriptures, guidance, obedience, joy, patience, witnessing, love, and others. The Christian’s Daily Challenge was the first book the Harveys published in 1954 and it has sold steadily for over sixty years.
  • The following is the story of how this book began written by the authors’ daughter: “I stared at the three hundred and sixty-five manuscripts my parents had prepared for the printer. They were stacked in neat piles and divided into various subjects. Why, I puzzled, when they were meticulously typed and proofed, did they lie there day after day? ‘Aren’t you sending your book to the printers? ’I finally asked my parents. ‘It’s ready, isn’t it?’
  • “They smiled at me and answered patiently, ‘Yes, it’s ready. But we want
    each reading to be bathed in prayer. In the coming years, it will be read by
    people in crisis, people facing bereavement, discouraged and lonely people.
    We want to be sure we have God’s mind on the order in which we put all these
  • “It sounded reasonable and I was satisfied. But I could not realize then,
    being only nine years of age, how vitally crucial that period of waiting on God
    would prove to be. I could not foresee the many letters we would receive from
    all around the world, telling us how some particular reading, on some particular day, saved some young person from making a wrong decision, encouraged a pastor or missionary to keep faithful to the cross, or gave hope in the moment of despair.” (Publishers’ foreword)
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2 reviews for Christian’s Daily Challenge, The

  1. Margaret Humphrey

    I received the latest edition and am thrilled with the format. Many times I have picked up the devotional and opened to the date. On that day in the midst of a battle, there was the encouragement I needed. This makes my 7th year to read it again. Every time it is fresh and new gems of truth are there for me to glean. Thank you! Thank you! God Bless You!

  2. Bill & Karla Dupignac

    Wonderful devotional! It challenged us to seek the Lord more, and realized how important is to be separated unto God, not to be conformed to the world.

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