Many of us have some sort of filing cabinet in our possession. We may be in the habit of filing away past letters especially if we run a home business. We file away past tax forms, legal documents, drawings and letters of our children when young—the list could go on and on. For a few of us, however, filing is more than a pastime—it is a business, you could almost say, an obsession. This was true of my mother, Lillian Harvey, who, over the years, built up a room full of filing cabinets in which were stored thousands of clippings, articles, and sermons from a wide variety of books and magazines. Years ago, when spending most of the winter in bed on account of severe bronchitis attacks, mother read avidly and began to set aside passages which would touch her heart. These she eventually would file away under topics, or by Scriptural passages, or under biographical headings.

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