As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese: They Knew Their God Vol. 5

As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese: They Knew Their God Vol. 5

Continuing our study into the variety of characters cited in the series, They Knew Their God, here is Volume 5, noting, as with Volume One, the nationality, denomination, vocation, and the century in which they were born as relating to each character.


Volume 5:12 characters described in 12 sketches.  

Nationality: 1 Welsh, 1 Spanish,  6  English, 1 Scots, 1 Canadian,  1 Swiss, 1 French,

Century: 1 from 16th century; 2 from 17th, 3 from 18th century; 6 from 19th century.

Denomination:  1 RC, 4 Anglican, 1 Lutheran, 1 CIM (China Inland Mission), 3 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, 1 Salvation Army.

Vocation—original and final.  

Nobleman/public orator—Anglican vicar/poet

Nobleman/R.C. priest

Tutor/chaplain/Anglican curate/author

Tutor—Anglican vicar/author



Bank clerk—missionary


Missionary pioneer


Salvation Army officer/soul-winner



Sex: 3 women, 9 men.








Humility, Brokenness, Lowliness

“Is it wrong, the wish to be great?” asks young Willie of his father in George MacDonald’s poem “Willie’s Question. ” The following two stanzas are taken from the end of the poem and summarize the father’s response:
“The Man Who was Lord of fate,
Born in an ox’s stall,
Was great because He was much too great
To care about greatness at all. . . .

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Hast Thou No Scar?

Most Christians have heard of Amy Carmichael. As well as being a devoted missionary in India for many years, Amy was also a writer and poet. She writes out of her wealth of experience. In Royal Purposes, a small devotional of thirty-one readings and compiled by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, one of her many poems is included in the reading, “Scarred in Battle.”
Hast thou no scar?

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Eva Von Winkler—Sister Eva

Eva Von Winkler, often known as “Sister Eva,” or “Mother Eva,” is among the women included in the They Knew Their God Series. In Volume One, Edwin and Lillian Harvey tell how this remarkable woman, brought up in an ancestral castle in South Eastern Germany, eventually established a sisterhood in Friedenshort. Here, Sister Eva and her fellow sisters, ministered to anyone in need—the elderly no longer cared for by their own family, children without a home, and the sick in need of loving attention.

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