The Call Back Series

“The Call Back Series” by Edwin and Lillian Harvey and published by Harvey Christian Publishers, has brought blessing to many Christians, who are struggling with an illness, or handicap, or going through some period of depression or loneliness, or perhaps feeling misunderstood by their closest friends. It is not popular, however, with those who feel that a follower of Christ should claim exemption from many of these trials.
There are eight books in this series, covering manly aspects of suffering. Edwin and Lillian researched Christian biography for years and discovered gems from past saints who have left us records of their triumphal albeit often painful journey through pain and suffering to their eternal rest.
This series is now available on Harvey Christian Publishers’ Online Christian Bookstore.

The Call Back Series —Clara Simpson

Clara Simpson
Very happily married, the poet Clara Simpson was devastated when her husband had an accident which, after much suffering, finally resulted in his death. Her story, recounted in Loneliness, the second book in the “Call Back Series,” and written by Edwin and Lillian Harvey, tells of her anguish and how she eventually found relief. She writes:
“Oh, has He planned it right when darkness falls,
And all one’s world which once looked fair and bright
Had faded out of sight and sorrow reigns?
He’s planned it right.” (Loneliness, page 68)

Loneliness is published by Harvey Christian Publishers and available in their Online Christian Bookstore.