Vol. 1 The Velvet Curtain


  • Author: Harvey Tait, Trudy
  • ISBN: 1-932774-69-6
  • Number of Pages: 336
  • Cover Type: paperback

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As you read this book,the first in a trilogy, step back into the eighties when Communism still held deadly sway in Eastern Europe and imagine yourself with Esther, a Romanian teenager, coming to America, the land of freedom, for the first time and discovering that there is much more awaiting her than a mere change of cultures. To quote from the front cover: “Leaving the Iron Curtain behind forever, Esther has no idea that she has merely exchanged one Curtain for another.”

The author, Trudy Harvey Tait, explains how this series came into being: “Having spent my teenage years during the Cold War, the term ‘Iron Curtain’ was very familiar to me.  I wondered, though, as I faced the usual things Christian   teenagers face, if there was not a different kind of ‘curtain’ in the West.  Years later, after visiting Romania in the early nineties, I became convinced that there was, indeed, a Western equivalent which could well be termed ‘The Velvet Curtain.’  As I saw immigrants come to the States thinking it a virtual paradise for the Christian, only to be smothered by this soft, insidious curtain, I determined to write a novel in which I expressed what I truly felt. It is my hope that, reading this book and its companions,  you will not only have an enjoyable read, but realize that it takes as much “guts” to be a dynamic Christian here in the West as it did for those suffering under communism.  An unfounded statement, you suggest?  Read these books and then form your own conclusion.”


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