How They Prayed Book 1


  • Author: Harvey, Edwin F.
  • ISBN: 978-1-932774-
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 122

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This book, written by Edwin F. and Lillian G. Harvey, is a plea for a return to prayer and worship in the home, citing many examples of how praying family members have prevailed with God for their loved ones. Read, in nineteen short, easy-to-read chapters, of parents who prayed for their children, children who prayed for their parents, wives and husbands who prayed for their partners.

This book encourages us as parents or grandparents to resort to prayer far more readily, recognizing it as the solution to our problems, rather than merely some tradition we adhere to out of duty. As Bishop J.C. Ryle puts it on the back cover of this book: “It is not enough to keep boys and girls at home and shut out every outward temptation. They carry within them a heart ready for any sin, and until that heart is changed, they are not safe whatever we do….If parents were half as diligent in praying for their children’s conversion as they are in keeping them from bad company, their children would turn out far better than they do.”

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