They Knew Their God Book Six, Lillian Harvey

The last two volumes in the They Knew Their God Series are written by Lillian Harvey. The previous four, Lillian co-authored with her husband who passed away in 1983. Volume Six was the last book Lillian ever wrote although she left some material for the seventh and what she intended would be the final book in this series. I hope, one day, to complete this final volume.

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Trudy Harvey Tait

The Call Back Series—Loneliness

Florence Allshorn was an Anglican missionary to Uganda. Orphaned at age three, she was brought up in Sheffield England by her mother’s governess. As an orphan, Florence must have experienced much loneliness throughout her life. In Loneliness, the second book in the “Call Back Series,” the authors, Edwin and Lillian Harvey, tell her story. It seems that, on the mission-field and surrounded by fellow-missionaries, Florence found herself under a senior missionary who proved extremely difficult to live with and caused her to feel isolated and very alone.

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