Harold St. John


  • Author: St. John, Harold
  • ISBN: 0-9719983-0-2
  • Number of Pages: 172
  • Cover Type: paperback

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If you enjoy reading about the lives of great Christians, you will love this biography of Harold St. John.

Patricia St. John, did the Christian world an enormous favor when she put together this fascinating portrait of her father. Somehow her portrayal manages to be exciting, inspiring, challenging, amusing and edifying all at the same time. It makes compelling reading from start to finish: ”hard to put down once you’ve picked it up.”

This books deserves to be ranked with the great Christian missionary biographies. Harold was one of the most gifted Bible teachers of his day, and the story of his life and influence is as relevant now as ever. His life was hid with Christ in God, and out of his inward parts there flowed a river of joy and peace and blessedness that enriched everyone it touched.

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