Three in Love

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  • Author: Harvey Tait, Trudy
  • ISBN: 978-1-932774-
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 144

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In this book, written by Trudy Harvey Tait, you will read about the only legitimate love-triangle on record—bride, bridegroom, and the Lord Jesus Himself–“Three in love”!  We all need to be reminded, from time to time, that marriage is not outmoded. God is still in the business of uniting man and woman in holy matrimony and in cementing that union by the breath of His own boundless and unfathomable love!

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Edwin & Lillian Harvey


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2 reviews for Three in Love

  1. Bill & Karla Dupignac

    This book helped me to realize that I need to ask the Holy Spirit to be between my husband and I. He is the third person in our relationship. I want my husband to love God, and be faithful to Him first and God will do the rest.
    Wonderful stories! What an encouragement to know that our marriages can be a success before God’s eyes.

  2. Bill & Karla Dupignac

    This book help me to realize that the Holy Spirit has to be present in the marriage. Without God’s help and the poser of the Holy Spirit marriage is a failure. As Christian woman I need to pray for my husband and ask God to give him the strength to love Him more than me. May I not be a stumble block for my husband, may I be a helper for his spiritual growth.

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