How They Prayed Book 2


  • Author: Harvey, Edwin F.
  • ISBN: 1-932774-30-0
  • Cover Type: paperback
  • Number of Pages: 104

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The greatest preacher of all time, our Lord Himself, admitted that He did nothing or spoke nothing of Himself but relied on His Father for all things. Our great Example in all things, His attitude of complete dependence sets a precedence for His followers.  And this is what this book is about–sharing the experiences of God’s servants who stood quietly in the Father’s presence until they could enter the pulpit and speak His Words for that particular time and occasion.

The first three chapters of this book, however, contain testimonies from various Christians on the benefits of early morning rising for prayer and Bible study. The remaining chapters relate the prayer-experiences of pastors and preachers from various parts of the globe.

Authors: Edwin F. and Lillian G. Harvey


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