Vol. 2 Behind The Velvet Curtain


  • Author: Harvey Tait, Trudy
  • ISBN: 1-932774-70-X
  • Number of Pages: 304
  • Cover Type: paperback

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This book by Trudy Harvey Tait is a sequel to The Velvet Curtain, continues the story of Esther and Gabby, the two Romanian girls who, in their attempts to escape the Iron Curtain, find themselves enmeshed in its Western counterpart. Esther takes drastic measures to stay clear of the Velvet Curtain while Gabby denies its very existence and calls it, instead, “The American Dream.”

And yet, behind this all-enveloping Curtain, the two girls and their friends, Len and Ron Atwood, discover that God can turn tragedy into triumph. The story will take unexpected twists and turns as His grace invades, transforms, and redirects the lives of flawed and erring human beings.


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