Father of Faith Missions – The Life and Times of Anthony Norris


  • Author: Norris Groves, Anthony
  • ISBN: 1-884543-90-1
  • Number of Pages: 606
  • Cover Type: paperback


Here is a treasure trove of personal detail about many leading figures and religious movements associated with Anthony Norris Groves who lived most of his life during the first half of the 19th. century. This in-depth study and honest descriptions make this period come alive and remind us of the reality that if we are the people of God, then we must be prepared to be both revered and maligned.

Mr. Groves had a direct influence upon a wide range of people including George Müller, Bakht Singh, John Kitto, Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor, F.F. Bruce, Edith Schaeffer, C.T. Studd, Rowland Bingham, Jim Elliot, Amy Carmichael, William MacDonald, and George Verwer.

Author: Anthony Norris Groves

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