The Way of the Cross. Beyond Humiliation


  • Author: Mantle, J. Gregory
  • ISBN: 0-9719983-2-9
  • Number of Pages: 157
  • Cover Type: paperback

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This volume is a reprint of the first edition (1896) of J. Gregory Mantle’s classic exposition on the Cross.  This excellent book has gone through numerous editions, and in recent years has been better known under the title Beyond Humiliation. But not since the first edition has the complete work been available. From the second edition onwards, every edition of this book has been missing at least two chapters; and Beyond Humiliation was also abridged. Kingsley Press is pleased to be able to give you this opportunity of owning and reading the complete, unabridged work as it came from Dr. Mantle’s pen.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from the books which will give you an insight into the subject matter:

“Dying to self is the one only way to life in God. The end of self is the one condition of the promised blessing, and he that is not willing to die to things sinful, yea, and to things lawful, if they come between the spirit and God, cannot enter that world of light and joy and peace, provided on this side of heaven’s gates, where thoughts and wishes, words and works, delivered from the perverting power of self, revolve round Jesus Christ, as the planets revolve around the central sun”

“It is a law of dynamics that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, and if we are ignorant of the crucifixion of the self-life as an experimental experience, we cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit. “If thy heart,”  says Arndt in his True Christianity, “be full of the world, there will be no room for the Spirit of God to enter; for where the one is the other cannot be.”  If, on the contrary, we have endorsed our Saviour’s work as the destroyer of the works of the devil, and have claimed to the full the benefits of His death and risen life, what hinders the complete and abiding possession of our being by the Holy Spirit but our unbelief?”

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