Love Revealed

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  • Author: Bowen, George
  • ISBN: 978-1-932774-
  • Number of Pages: 326
  • Cover Type: paperback

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A most unusual verse-by-verse meditation, written by George Bowen,  on the blessed words and actions of Jesus the night before His crucifixion as related in St. John’s Gospel, chapters 13-17. Few Christian bookshelves today contain a copy of this rare volume. This is your opportunity to obtain a treasure.

“‘The Son of man which is in Heaven,’ said Christ of Himself while yet on the earth. Well, this is where He would bring the believer. When our friends sleep in Jesus, with regard to us it is indeed a sleep. They may be blessed, but their hands no longer scoop from the urn of God, blessings for us.

“Now that which earth intensely needs is that there should be ascension without sleeping—that the believer should by faith ascend to a region where he could hold perfect concourse with the skies without being lost to earth. . . We need saints that shall be at the same time in Heaven for us and on earth for Christ.” – from page 59, John 14:3-5.



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1 review for Love Revealed

  1. Robert Tait

    One of the great missionaries to have impacted my life is George Bowen. His life was a powerful example, and his book, Love Revealed, is one of the greatest books on Christ I’ve ever read.

    David Wilkerson, World Challenge Pulpit Series, December 19, 2005.

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