Broken Bread

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  • Author: Follette, John Wright
  • ISBN: 1-932774-41-6
  • Number of Pages: 216
  • Cover Type: paperback

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John Wright Follette, a gifted Bible teacher and a dedicated Christian, took three vows—that of chastity, poverty, and obedience. This collection of twenty of sermons together with a number of his unique poems reveal how God honored his faithful servant by endowing him with an unusual perception of spiritual realities. Some of the chapter titles are: “Trouble is a Servant,” “Waiting upon God,” “The Purpose of Adam’s Test,” “Deep Calleth Unto Deep,” “Emptied from Vessel to Vessel,” “Christian Character—a Qualification.”


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1 review for Broken Bread

  1. Bill & Karla Dupignac

    Wonderful book! Christianity is not just how to get saved or how to get to heaven. We all are called to walk a Christian walk and as Christians we have a goal which is to be more like Christ, let the Holy Spirit to change our lives and we need to take our cross and follow His footsteps.

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