Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey


Whose Experience Is Just A Circle

By Rev. George Bowen

“A sacrifice, living or dead, must pass out of the possession of him who offers it.  We are in the habit of offering ourselves to God, and so of proving that we have never really given ourselves to Him.”
We take the above extract from an article.  If we consecrate ourselves sincerely, fully, to the Lord, we then cease to have any right over ourselves, any property in ourselves; we belong to Him to Whom we have yielded ourselves.  If afterwards we come and renewedly consecrate ourselves, is there not an implication that the first surrender has in some way been vitiated, rendered invalid, that we have resumed to some extent the rights made over to God?  And will not the habit of making such acts of consecration have the effect of making us skeptical about the possibility of yielding ourselves wholly and finally to God?

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