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Branded – Article on Christian Message of Victory Jan-Mar 1980

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey



I used to go to the Methodist altar and would think that I got this second blessing and would write in my Bible the time when I received it, to be sure to remember just when it was.  Brethren, it is not necessary to write the date down in your Bible, because the Lord says He will put the sanctification right in your heart and then you will not forget it.

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The Frightful Ruins – Christian Message of Victory July-Sep 1980

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey and Lillian G. Harvey


Madam Guyon, a devout French Catholic woman of noble birth, experienced much of God in her personal life.  By many revelations from the Holy Spirit of Truth, she attained to great spiritual wisdom.  God was enabled to use her mightily in the salvation of nuns, priests and much higher dignitaries within the Roman Catholic Church.  For this, she suffered banishment, and was denounced by her own church and finally imprisoned within the Bastille.  When asked to write her autobiography, she started her life story with these classic words:

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Christian Article on Practical Satisfaction | Christian Message

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey and Lillian G. Harvey

October-December, 1980


By Jacob Schoonerhoven

The Editors submit this account because they feel that the costly obedience of Jacob Schoonerhoven demonstrates the practical working out of holiness after the crisis.  Every possessor of this grace will be led constantly to make decisions equally costly.
I went into the woods and prayed for sanctification, when the Lord said, “Jacob, dost thou love My will, My law, and My government?”
I said, “I do, Lord.”

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Me First – Articles on Christian Message of Victory Jan-Mar 1979

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey


The Message of Victory, January-March, 1979


The personal pronoun “I” is a small word—and yet much of the failure in our Christian life and service may be traced to it.
“Peter, what was the cause of your sad denial of the Master?” someone might long ago have asked that foremost disciple of Christ. Would he not have replied: “There were many steps in my backsliding, but they all sprang from one word: I trusted my own powers: I said, “Though all shall be offended, yet will not I”?

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Preach Repentance – Christian Message of Victory April-Jun 1973

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey

John Fletcher, vicar of Madeley, wrote this timely message over two hundred years ago.  It is urgently needed today.  Any evangelist, minister or Christian worker insisting on true repentance as a necessary qualification for the New Birth faces the opposition accorded true messengers of God through the ages.


Do not all ministers preach repentance?  We answer, that ordinarily, true ministers alone preach true repentance.  The preachers of the day, as they are conformable to the world in other things, so they are perfectly contented with practicing the repentance of worldly men.  Now as he, who receives only base coin, cannot possibly circulate good money, so he, who satisfies his own heart with a short-lived sorrow for sin, cannot possibly give free course to that evangelical repentance, which the Gospel requires.  And it is observable, that the hearers of such ill-instructed scribes, generally fix those bounds of their repentance, which are satisfactory to their impenitent pastors.

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The Night of the Soul – Articles on Christian message of Victory

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey



By Dr. F. W. Krummacher

“I saw by night, and behold a man riding upon a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle trees that were in the bottom; and behind him were there red horses, speckled, and white” (Zech. 1:8).
“I saw by night,” saith the prophet; and by these words he intimates the circumstances of the time at which the vision was given.  Zechariah prophesied about five hundred years before the birth of Christ.  He had lived with his parents in the captivity of Babylon; but after the friendly edict of Cyrus, King of Persia, he returned with the first company under Zerubbabel to the country of his fathers, and assisted at the rebuilding of the holy city and its temple.  Then was a time of great joy and jubilant expectation.  God, Who remembered His covenant with their fathers, had again decidedly appeared for His people Israel; and all seemed raised by the cheering hope of golden days at hand.  Then was it not night, but bright day in Israel, nevertheless the glory was of short duration for the men of Samaria brought a dark cloud upon it.

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Put Off and Put On – Christian Message of Victory Oct-Dec 1979

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey and Lillian G. Harvey


Message of Victory, October-December, 1979

‘PUT OFF’ and ‘PUT ON’

By J. Gregory Mantle

“But ye did not so learn Christ; if so be that ye heard Him, and were taught in Him, even as truth is in Jesus:  that ye put away, as concerning your former manner of life, the old man, which waxeth corrupt after the lusts of deceit; and that ye be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new man which after God hath been created in righteousness and holiness of truth” (Eph. 4:20-24).
It will probably be helpful to gather our thoughts under three headings, viz., Renunciation, Renewal and Appropriation.

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Whose Experience is Just Trust – Christian Victory Message

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey


Whose Experience Is Just A Circle

By Rev. George Bowen

“A sacrifice, living or dead, must pass out of the possession of him who offers it.  We are in the habit of offering ourselves to God, and so of proving that we have never really given ourselves to Him.”
We take the above extract from an article.  If we consecrate ourselves sincerely, fully, to the Lord, we then cease to have any right over ourselves, any property in ourselves; we belong to Him to Whom we have yielded ourselves.  If afterwards we come and renewedly consecrate ourselves, is there not an implication that the first surrender has in some way been vitiated, rendered invalid, that we have resumed to some extent the rights made over to God?  And will not the habit of making such acts of consecration have the effect of making us skeptical about the possibility of yielding ourselves wholly and finally to God?

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Scriptural Christianity – Message of Victory July-Sep 1978

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey


The Message of Victory, July-September, 1978


By J. Gregory Mantle

The two great pillars upon which true Scriptural Christianity rests are the greatness of our fall and the greatness of our redemption.  “Until,” says William Law, “you are renewed in the spirit of your mind, your virtues are only taught practices and grafted upon a corrupt bottom.  Everything that you do will be a mixture of good and bad; your humility will help you to pride; your charity to others will give nourishment to your own self-love, and as your prayers increase so will the opinion of your own sanctity.  Because till the heart is purified to the bottom, and has felt the axe at the root of its evil (which cannot be done by outward instruction), everything that proceeds from it partakes of its impurity and corruption.”

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The Twentieth Century Fallacy – Christian Message of Victory

Editors: Edwin F. Harvey & Lillian G. Harvey


The Message of Victory, October-December, 1978


By Edwin and Lillian Harvey

Ever since the episode in the garden of Eden as recorded in Genesis 3, Satan has sought to obliterate God by substituting man—his needs, his success, his joys and triumphs.  One would hardly know that God had created this earth and had a Divine purpose as Owner in mind.  Man’s happiness and well-being and not God’s demands are uppermost.  In these closing days of this age of grace, this antagonist of all righteousness has posed as a very interested partner in the salvation of souls.  We underestimate his cunning—this prince of the world—if we do not recognize that he is a most religious being and has gained apparent ascendancy even in evangelical circles.  He has, especially in recent years, dictated policy for many of the large campaigns and efforts ostensibly for the reclamation of man.  He has succeeded with a large portion of the church by showing them the kingdoms of this world and the methods to win them.  He has exalted man, and dethroned God.  He has done this so cleverly that many of Christ’s followers hardly recognize the terrible swindle he has perpetrated in the name of religion.

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