They Knew Their God Volume 3: The Prophet of the Long Road

“Someone has said that Methodism really had its birth in Susannah Wesley, the mother of John and Charles. And it might also be said that Elizabeth Asbury, in giving her only son to the ministry, was the mother of American Methodism.” So wrote Edwin and Lillian Harvey in their sketch of Francis Asbury in Volume Three of the series They Knew Their God.
“I well remember my mother strongly urged my father to family reading,” Asbury tells us, “and prayer; the singing of Psalms was much practiced by them both. . . . As a mother above all the women in the world would I claim her for my own, ardently affectionate; as a “mother in Israel” few of her sex have done more by a holy walk to live and by personal labor to support the Gospel, and to wash the saints’ feet. As a friend, she was generous, true, and constant.”

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More truths from Zinzendorf

“Although,” says he, in a letter written in 1729, “I am and Wish to remain a member of the Evangelical Church, I do not limit Christ and His truth to any sect. Whosoever believes that he is saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus, by living faith, that is to say whosoever seeks and finds in Him Wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption, he is my brother, and I regard it as a useless and even injurious task to examine into his opinions on other matters, and to sit in judgment on his exegesis. In this sense they are right who say that it does not much trouble me that some are heterodox, but only in this sense.”