Its Hard to Hit an Object Near the Ground

I think it is safe to assume that nearly everyone wishes to be credited for what he or she has accomplished and is often irked when the praise due to them is accorded to someone else.
Edwin and Lillian Harvey, co-authors of the compilation Royal Insignia, have devoted several readings in their book to this subject. The following are quotations from these readings:
“One day a friend of mine, when passing down a Glasgow street, saw a crowd at a shop door, and had the curiosity to look in. There he saw an auctioneer holding up a grand picture so that all could see it. When he got it into position, he remained behind it and said to the crowd, “Now, look at this part of the picture . . . and now at this other part,” and so on, describing each detail of it. Said my friend, “The whole time I was there, I never saw the speaker, but only the picture he was showing.” That is the way to work for Christ.

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