As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese: They Knew Their God Vol. 3

Continuing our study into the variety of characters cited in the series, They Knew Their God, here is Volume 3, noting, as with previous volumes, the nationality, denomination, vocation, and the century in which they were born as relating to each character.


Volume 2. 13 characters described in 13 sketches.  

Nationality: 2 French, 8 English, 2 Scots.

Century: 1 from 17th century; 5 from 18th century; 7from 19th century.

Denomination: 1 RC, 1 Quaker, 2 Baptist, 3 Methodist, 1 SA, 1 Faith Mission, 2 inter-denominational, 2 Anglican.

Vocation—original and final.  


Nobleman—itinerant evangelist

2 Ministers/prayer-warriors



Salvation Army colonel

Founder of the Faith Mission/Bible School Director



Vicar/Bible expositor




Sex: 3 women; 10 men.





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