As Different As Chalk Is from Cheese

They Knew Their God Vol. 1

One thing that hits you as you begin to read any of the books in the They Knew Their God series is how varied the stories are. I thought it might be an interesting study to note the nationality, denomination, vocation, and the century in which they were born as relating to each character, using a different blog for each volume.

Volume 1. 18 characters described in 18 sketches. 

Nationality: 2 Swiss; 2 German; 1 Welsh; 6 English; 5 American; 1 Irish; 1 African.

Century of Birth: 1 13thcentury; 1 14th century; 4 18th century; 12 19th century.

Denomination: 2RC; 1 Baptist; 6 Methodist; 1 Reformed; 1 Christian Brethren; 1 Quaker;

1 A .M. B. (Algiers Mission Band); 1 S.A; 1 Presbyterian; 2 non-denominational; 1 S. I. M. (Sudan Interior Mission).

Vocation—original and final:

African prince—student preacher

Army sergeant—philanthropist/pastor/divine

Artist—missionary pioneer/author

Bible teacher


Lawyer—preacher/counselor/Bible teacher

Merchant—lay preacher/mystic/martyr



Missionary pioneer



2 Preachers/evangelists

A. Colonel/preacher/writer



Teacher—Christian educator

Sex: 7 women; 13 men.


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